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newsletter 2011

Welcome to our 2011 update on life here in Greece. 2010 was a good year for us and this is looking set to follow on.

The garden is in full bloom with new flowers appearing each day. Out on the paths the wild flowers are even more spectacular with orchids of many varieties at every step. The spectacular routes down the Viros Gorge are particularly spectacular at the moment as the Peak of Taygetos, Profitas Ilias, is still snow capped.

The mountain Marathon event inMarch meant that many of the paths were cleared in good time. this means that now we can all enjoy some extra routes at a more leisurely pace. There are now more circular routes starting from Exochori. One of these is a lovely path to Saidona, Proastio Petrovouni and back to Exochori.

In the garden it is now time to trim the olive trees to allow the fruits plenty of sun and air to develop. With our trees this is a pleasant job taking a few days, with time to sit in the trees and enjoy...perhaps this is not the same joy for our neighbours with 500 trees to do More local producers are changing to organic cultivation, and we soon hope to be able to sell good quality organic oil direct to you through our neighbours farm.

We hope this gives you a flavour of things Greek, and specifically here in Exochori.

We look forward to welcoming you to One Foot on the Mountain

Caroline and Kristine


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