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ecotourism:        protect       promote       renew

'one foot on the mountain' helps promote green tourism in this part of Greece. Along with other accommodation providers we want to encourage guests to enjoy the tranquility of mountain living and to bring vital income into the village.

This restored, stone village house dates back to 1856. Within the refurbishment we have incorporated traditional styling as well as environmentally friendly features: solar water heating, rainwater harvesting, re-use of grey water, high insulation values and energy saving devices.

As water is a precious resource guests are invited to participate in its saving and re-use. For this reason only fully biodegradeable shower and washing products are used, these are provided free to guests.

Exochori is on the edge of the Taygetos mountain range which has Natura 2000 status, as a protected area and rare ecosystem. The unique nature of its plant life comprises 700 species, 28 of which are endemic solely to here.

The diverse terrain means that many plants and wild animals flourish within a relatively small area. From mediterranean thickets, through conifer forests in the mountains, to the alpine zone in the highest peaks (above 2000m), the scenery is constantly changing.

A stay in Exochori provides a gateway to exploring the history, ecology and traditions of the Mani.

'one foot on the mountain' is a WWOOF host. It is also a member of Responsible Travel

and Green Green World